"There is Magic in the Air"

I am so thrilled that Kasich came in 2nd in the New Hampshire Primary!  Wow, what a finish for him, this was a bit of a surprise, given some of the predictions.  He was a big 'maybe' before the Republican debates last weekend.  Rubio's performance really hurt him, of his rather bizarre repeating of the same line about "Obama knowing what he was doing".  Hmm, it looked like a bit of a zero sum game, too, the back and forth between Christie and Rubio, in that both of them have emerged well behind, giving Kasich the opportunity to move ahead.

Well, Kasich seemed like the most level headed of the debaters, and as Charlie Rose said, one of the only candidates outside of Clinton who'd have a clue about what to do once he got into office.  Really liked his speech.

Although Trump has such an enormous lead it's hard to tell whether or not any of the other Republicans stand a chance.

South Carolina is a whole. new. ballgame.  And Cruz just may end up closer to the top in this Southern State.

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