Ted Cruz and South Carolina Town Hall

I would vote for this guy.  Probably like him best of all the Republican candidates.  On these three points he makes himself particularly distinguishable;

>> A promise to rescind all of Obama's executive orders.  The NDAA and National Defense Resources Preparedness Act both desperately need rescinding, if we're to maintain anything even remotely resembling a free republic.

>> He wants to abolish the IRS!  Awesomeness!  After watching Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism, I became aware that we have no law that requires us to pay taxes to the IRS!  Un-fucking-believable. Yes, yes, please abolish this wicked institution

>> A promise to defund Planned Parenthood.  Need I elaborate.  

As wonderful as these promises are, I wonder, though, if they're perhaps fantastic?  The cynic in me goes back to Charlie Rose's comment that the Republican who's best prepared to actually serve in office would be John Kasich.  

Well, anyway, I really enjoyed listening to Cruz.  It surprised me.  He sings funny little songs to his wife, he enjoys impersonations, he sounds like a fun and personable guy.  

I like his theory about why he wouldn't need to come to the center in order to win in the general election; so many conservatives, he says, don't even bother to come out to vote in most presidential elections as the choices are too moderate; so many that he believes, were he to run as a true conservative and bring them to the polls, that he could take the election. 

Well that would be awesome.  

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