Super Bowl Post Game Interviews

I made beef brisket for Super Bowl.  Man, was it good.

kind of struck by 'poor Cam Newton'.  How much the loss affected his aura, I mean.  The way that he went from dancing after the touchdown to visibly morose and angry at the post game interview, and even just towards the end of the game.   I wonder what got him down, obviously other than the loss.  I thought that these football players (the professional ones anyway) need to maintain a positive, I-can-still-win this attitude.  However, he didn't display that towards the end of the game.  It's as though he already decided that he lost when time was still left on the clock.

I guess that he's the kind of person who really has his emotions on display.  Some people are like that.  Honestly I just think it's a personality characteristic.

And quite frankly, as pathetic and unsportsman-like Newton's behavior was, I found Manning's Budweiser plug in his post-game interview even more unsettling.  It made the entire Super Bowl feel like one big fucking  commercial.

Maybe we'll discover that Levi Stadium is located inside of a Doritos Bag.

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