So yeah.

Glad that Leo finally won, and Brie too--happy about that since she seems like least Hollywood-crazed of all the nominees in her category. 

Really happy, too that Stutterer won out for the short films, as it seemed the most lighthearted, beating the more serious and depressing ones.  Although I did like the German short Everything Will Be OK regarding child custody, would have been happy to see that one win as well.

Although my excitement (or was it more relief?) for Stutterer met immediately with despair when Son of Saul won for Best Foreign Film.  Ugh, another Holocaust movie winning a goddamned award! Loved director Laszlo Nemes' line in his acceptance speech; "in the darkest hours of mankind....a voice within us allows us to remain human."  I'm sick of this inundation with Holocaust Hallmarky shit.

Looks like in the world of the Academy still can have upsets; Best Supporting Actor went to Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies; IMO and from everyone I listened to he seemed to be the least expected to win.  Honestly I thought Christian Bale would win this one.  

And a lot of joyless acceptance speeches.  Winners pushing for LGBT rights (Sam Smith), climate change (DiCaprio), equal representation of race (Inarritu), and Pope Francis himself received a stab from this awards ceremony.   "This film [Spotlight] gave a voice to survivors.....that will resonate all the way to the Vatican - Pope Francis, it is time to help the children."

Well that's that.  Put it in the books I guess you should say.  Kind of a crass egomaniacal spectacle.  At least it consumed some Sunday evening ennui.   

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