Amy Schumer Joke Stealing

Really painful, the tone of some of these comedians who are so playing a 'not-going-there' game for Amy Schumer regarding the accusation that she's stolen jokes from other comedians.  Consider this interview with Hannibal Buress, where Joe Rogan entirely dominates the conversation; Buress is essentially silent except to say that Schumer is a friend of his and so he doesn't feel comfortable saying anything negative about her.  Gag.

Love the point that Joe Rogan makes in this interview with Brian Redban; if it was anybody other than Amy Schumer, she'd have her head cut off for what she's done.

Dunno.  Guess that I just don't really like her, so it's painful to see how much the stand up comedy world is coddling her about this.

Does it sound like plagiarism to you?  You be the judge........(warning: vulgar video!!)

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