Two Awesome Women Writing Podcasts

I have just discovered two awesome writing podcasts.....both of them hosted by women, no less.  (Women constitute a overwhelming minority in the land of podcasts).

Write Now with Sarah Werner
Initial this podcast felt a little dry, however now (after having listened to about three episodes) I've found it very encouraging.  She drops a podcast about once a week, and discusses various aspects related to writing--for example her most recent episode dealt with all of the aspects of starting a writing group.  Werner lives in South Dakota (or was it North?) for some reason.  She has a gentle, quiet voice, which is perhaps why it felt dry.  However, you can tell that she's really trying to speak to an individual, and in doing so I've felt very connected to her.  

I Should Be Writing with Mur Lafferty
Yeah, this podcast is pretty awesome.  Lafferty has been podcasting forever.  She's one of the first podcasters, and it's amazing that she's still in the game.  Her podcasts only comes out once a month.    For the most part, Lafferty is addressing wanna-be fiction writers--people who have written or want to write books and who are in the process of publishing, and providing extremely practical advice about how to approach editors, who to approach, etc.  I'm not really her audience, but have found the content interesting nonetheless since it often deals more generally with the creative process and the writing process.  Sounds like she's had pretty serious issues with depression and this has come up in her podcasts, too.

Lafferty has a strident and opinionated voice.  She doesn't shy away from 'telling people how it is' or whatever (i.e., your writing project is hopeless, scrap it and start on a new project, etc. etc.).  This tone comes across as a little disingenuous, however, considering that (as she admitted in a podcast) she could have never made it as a writer w/out the immense support of her husband.

What I mean to say is that I don't entirely buy her 'buck up and work' tone when she in fact has been a bit coddled.

But it's still worth listening to.

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