Sensitive Skin

Really enjoyed the first season of this show (the Canadian re-make)  Perhaps mainly due to the two main characters, who I've really enjoyed in past performances; Kim Catrell, obviously, in Sex in the City.  She has so much attitude, I've just always loved her.

And, as well, Don McKellar.  Love his East-Canadian accent.  He actually directed this show, and he does a good job.   Really liked the movie Last Night.  Or enjoyed him in it, anyway.  He was the best part.   

Watched Sensitive Skin again for the second time.  Think that I'm officially in love with Don McKellar.  Although I find the story a bit unrelatable.  This woman has a SUPER nice husband, plus tons of devoted lovers landing at her feet.  Then she decides that she's unhappy with her nice husband so she separates from him and goes for a lover.

Not too sympathetic to her, nor do I see why we should be sympathetic to someone so spoiled and coddled.

Someone needs to make a show about a 30/40ish woman who's perpetually single and who meets and sometimes dates a long line of losers.  And then she has to deal with being unaccepted by society for being a single woman.   There's a story TONS of women will relate to.  And that will solicit some genuine sympathy.

Oh, and it's unclear why this couple has so much money.  She works part time in an art gallery, he writes a pop culture column.  Did they have former careers that I missed out on?  She alludes to all of her modeling, well maybe that made her wealthy.  Still.  The Jag, the swank condo, furniture.  On part time work?

I guess the movie is trying to say something about people encountering ennui or something in later middle age (i.e. 50s).  Guess that I haven't gotten there yet so I can't entirely relate.  It's cool to see a show with a female lead.

Could watch it a third time, and maybe I will.

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