Nurse Jackie

Have watched a few episodes of this show now.

The Main Character (Nurse Jackie) is St. Augustine; an extremely flawed saint.  She's having an affair, yet she gives her children kisses so hard that they tell her "too hard Mommy".  And she's even ultra-nice taking care of the patient who slapped her across the face.  Quite literally, then, she turns the other cheek.  Perhaps you can extend the St. Augustine analogy to say that she's brilliant.  In the opening scene, she knows better than the doctor how to care for a patient (and she tells him so and as a result of his mis-diagnosis, the patient dies).  Plus, she's a tough New Yorker bad ass - snorts cocaine and gives her husband blow-jobs.

I can't stand her.  Her insubordination to the doctors (or I guess I should say 'a' doctor) sounds like wince-inducing arrogance, and I really doubt she'd pull it off IRL.  And she's so awful to the nurse-in-training; constantly telling her things like "don't say 'ta-da', I don't like it".  In this fantastic world (by fantastic I mean fantasy, in that it couldn't really exist), Nurse Jackie rules.  People don't get to use expressions she doesn't like, they're immediately corrected if they call her madam, and she's smarter than people with significantly more training than herself.  Plus she's got a super, super nice husband who cooks pancakes for her when she gets home.

Curious to have seen two shows now with female leads (this and Sensitive Skin) where both the main characters have extremely devoted husbands and other men pursuing them on the side.  Does the lead female need to be seen as sexually desirable in order to carry a show?  (i.e. the next best thing to a man leading a show is a woman who many many many men want to fuck.)

How would a show be received if the female lead were interesting, smart, 'saintly', a badass, yet constantly dismally jilted by men, or solicits little to no interest from men?   Or if she has 'Fatal- Attraction'-suicidal responses to past lovers, and can never ever seem to move on?

Is this show out there?

Various versions of this woman certainly exist.

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