SO AMAZED by this show.  How did I miss this?

Wow, it's like, shockingly good.

Love the Amy character; she's ridiculous and idealistic yet you can't entirely write her off.

Some of the office scenes when she's transferred down to work in the basement are as funny as the BBC Office.  Loved the boss in her department, played by Timm Sharp.  Man, what a great cast.

Mike White.  What can I say?  Really wish this show had continued another season.

Love the relationship that develops between him and the CEO's assistant.  Molly Shannon plays non-comedic roles so well.  Loved both of those characters; how they both have a tendency to create small, insular lives--yet she's working to make her's bigger.

The only character I wasn't totally buying was Amy's mother.  Her inability to relate to her daughter struck me as almost senile.  Think that a loving mother would have been on a closer wavelength.

This show really surprised me.  I highly recommend it.

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