Tiffany Pratt

Extremely inspiring podcast here with Tiffany Pratt on CreativeMornings Podcast.

isn't she pretty?
Her "silly, glittery, rainbowey" optimism didn't come off as sickening, or trite and it in fact sounded very optimistic.

And as is so often the case with a person with a successful career, her success didn't (entirely anyway) seemed charmed, or make me inwardly groan.

She sounds a little new-agey with the gratitude beads, the rainbows spewing out of your hand--she says that her friends associate her with magic.  But she calls herself on it.

Loved how in the podcast a man (Kyle) introduced her and he raved, gushed about her.  "She's the kind of person who just passing on the street....would already make it a more positive day."  What I mean by this is, so often in pop culture--let's say movies, we see women pushed to the side, supporting a men to telling his story, and communicating the idea that women are the back story.  It's so refreshing to see a man genuinely reject this idea.

Curious about how her career unfolded; she says that she went from a Sacks 5th Avenue seller to teaching children art, with no prior training, in a new city.  How did she build up a clientele?

A few snippets from her talk;
'you can be all the things'
'I was fucking consistent'
'it can be beautiful'
'you happen to your life'

She does demonstrate volition.  And her optimism is not without struggle.

Well, she'd better at speaking for herself.  Listen to her.  Maybe you'll like her & be inspired by her as much I.

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