Rick Moody

Had a good interview on Fresh Air yesterday.  He seems like a sensitive & funny guy, they spoke at length about the life coaching that he does on his website.  Funny in that he seemed to have started giving life advice tongue in cheek, however it at the same time feels very heartfelt, like he has a genuine interest in helping people.

Hm, the movie Ice Storm.
Never read the book (which he authored).  Found the movie depressing, yet at the same time can't say that I disliked it.  Can you believe that he was only about 34 when it was published?  Wonder if he grew up with key parties, or any of the likes of which you saw in that movie.

It might be worth re-watching.  Christina Ricci at a young age, Sigourney Weaver.

His new book Hotels of North America sounds good.

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