Republican December Debate

Yeah, so this debate felt a bit like more of the same.  Tons of questions revolving around Trump, Trump telling us that we're not winning anymore, that he's going to build a wall, Carson telling us that he doesn't value political correctness.  It's as though they have a few lines they need to hammer home; perhaps they assume that many people are hearing them for the first time and so it's ok for them to repeat themselves?

Kind of bizarre the way the announcer presented these candidates; it sounded a bit like I was at a truck show, with the cheesy booming voice and music.

Found it extremely disconcerting that so many of the candidates advocate utilizing the NSA's ability to collect data on individuals.  Santorum sounded particularly idiotic in this regard, saying that monitoring telephone calls wouldn't focus on individuals since it amounted only to data collection.

Graham can actually be funny.  He made a joke about Princess Bride being Cruz's favorite movie, and calling his policy on (what? can't remember....) 'inconceivable'.  He also says that "sequestration is Latin for doing really dumb things."  Struck me that a sense of humor can make a person likable and viable.  Outside of these jokes, he seems totally, well, out to lunch. 

The problem that I have with listening to the foreign policies of all these candidates is that base their opinions on the fallacy that Islam radicals attacked us on 9-11.   More likely, the Mossad bears the guilt for this crime--and all these candidates have no problem kissing Israel's ass.

Given that speaking out against the boxcutter explanation for 9-11 is touching the third rail, I don't think that our politicians can develop a foreign policy strategy worth beans.

Rand Paul sounded like the only sensible person on stage.  And he had a hilarious cheering crowd, sounded almost like a rock star with a teen girl cult following.  He'd faintly smile when they started to cheer after something he said.  He challenged the notion that Assad needs to go (Trump claims that Assad is a very bad dude, responsible for the deaths of many) and doubted whether collecting data on individuals would really help to catch would-be terrorists.  The others seem totally out of touch.  Well, actually, it sounds like Cruz voted against the NDAA.  Pretty boy Rubio, on the other hand, denied due process of law to any US citizen who claims to be part of ISIS.  That's treading in pretty murky waters there.  

Moderator Hugh hit Carson with probably the worst question of the night; 'Would you kill tons of innocent children, or are you too mild-mannered and weak to go to war?'  Give me a break.

Fiorinia, OMG, Fiorinia.  Cannot listen to her voice.  She always sounds pissed.  Always.  And with her resting bitch face...man.  I liked her in her first MainStage debate, but she's really grating on me now.


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