um, yeah.  kind of a cynic about REI's new marketing campaign.

I've often sensed the REI feels a bit like a cult.  They get you pay some f-ing fee to become a member, the major perk being that you'll receive 10% back on your purchases.  Except that it takes FOREVER to actually redeem that 10% for cash.  It's much simpler to just use the dividend spending more in the store, and they even send a special 20% off coupon the same day that you receive your dividend refund.  Additionally, the discounts they give members on things like a bike tune up are so dramatic that once you've joined it's difficult to justify going anywhere else.  They've got you.

.....and now, they're informing us that they aren't crass materialists.
THEY actually went outside on Black Friday and spent time in the stinking fresh air.

Do you know that at the REI in Seattle, they posted their 'we're not doing Black Friday' sign at the tippy top of their store, so that it towered over the thousands of commuters on I-5, like the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg?  It had truly a judgmental and preachy tone.

dunno.  I have a hard time watching drones of people walking outside of REI with a full sack in hand, knowing full well that they've paid REI a pretty penny.  Given REI's most recent #optoutside campaign, I mean.

And let's face it.  How much money did it take for the homeless man to sleep under that overpass last night?

REI's entire business model is predicated on deluding the affluent that it'll take thousands of dollars to live like a homeless person.

And now, they're smugly assuring us that simultaneously they're way above corporate greed.

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