I really like

the point that Brother Nathanael makes in this video regarding Trump's statement that he wants all Muslims prohibited from entering the country.  Or, rather, regarding the response to his statement.

Hilary call Trump's idea "shameless and dangerous"; BN makes the point that she's advocated for the deaths of thousands of Muslims with the Iraq War.  Netanyahu likewise objects to BN's statement (or does he?  BN implies as much, however does not include a quote in the video); however Bibi has displaced thousands of Muslims.

This goes to the heart of what's so bizairre about politicial correctness in this country.  With his statement, Trump's committed a mortal sin against political correctness.  Yet who has he really hurt, other than to make himself appear rash and reactionary.

Displacing people, killing people is a far greater crime.  Yet Bibi and Clinton's sins, in the eyes of political correctness are at most, venial. 

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