The Great British Baking Show

Judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry sit on the left; the snappy hosts on the right.

Earlier this month I binge watched the first season of The Great British Baking Show (aka The Great British Bake-Off).   This article at vox.com aptly describes why this show ranks above most reality programs.
The judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (are those REALLY their names???), in addition to sporting a striking wardrobe, judge fairly and seem very enthusiastic about having every contestant do well.

And the camaraderie amongst the contestants is almost entirely congenial and friendly.  The first season also includes a really great scene where a frustrated contestant dumps his melted Baked Alaska into the garbage can (that's excitement for this show).

These aren't the contestants from the first season, but you get the idea.  

Overall it's a fun wholesome show to watch.  Probably my greatest criticism is that as the shows progress through the season, the baking challenges become increasingly bizarre and complicated, and totally unlike anything I'd ever attempt to bake myself.

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