reflections on the 4th Presidential debates

Did Christie really win the happy hour debate like everyone is saying?  Realizing just now that if he does return to the prime time debate his demotion was kind of a showdown between Huckabee and Christie as to who gets the axe. I just didn't see that he stood out way above the rest like some have said.  And I'm so sad to see Huckabee relagated to the happy hour debate.  I really liked him.  Seems to be one of the more genuine candidates.

Cruz afterwards in the spin room struck me as pretty cerebral and self depracating.  And the moderator Neil Cavuto really knew his stuff.  They had a good exchange, and Cruz made the interesting point that not since Regan had the Republicans nominated a 'true conservative'; rather, just moderates.  And in doing so, the 'true conservative' vote hadn't turned out to the polls.

What Cruz and Trump said about Immigration, particularly Trump, actually sounded pretty good; we are a country of laws.  We need to obey the laws.

It's just so simple.  I suppose that the whole wall thing Trump's pushing seems perhaps a bit extreme, but it seems to drive his point home; we are a country of laws.  It reminds of of the movie Freedom to Fascism, where the late Aaron Russo drives home the same point about the US being a country of laws (and in this video says that there really is no law saying that we owe taxes........)

Amazed that the gaffes have been taken so lightly. Cruz repeated the same program twice in a litany of agencies he wants to close, and Rubio said, "The most important job a person can have is president"  He meant to say parent.  Looks like if the actual offendor doesn't call out his gaffe, in the way Perry did, he's easily forgiven.  Cruz' gaffe looked remarkably like Perrys, but it wasn't suicidial.

What really struck me at the end of the night is that it seems doubtful that ANY of these candidates can realistically beat Hilary!  And on this point I'm quite in despair.  Perhaps if Cruz is elected maybe the 'true conservatives' will come out to the polls.  

However he nor any of the other candidates just seem to have the name recognition nor the resume nor the bizairre unexplanable leverage that she has.

Dunno.  As for the presidency, unfortunately, my bets are on Hilary.

Maybe she'll die before then, or suffer some catastrophic accident that would preclude holding office.  Now wouldn't that just be wonderful?

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