Mary Karr on Fresh Air

This Terri Gross interview with Mary Karr from two months ago is good, and I'd recommend it (finally getting around to publishing this post!).  Mostly due to Karr, she seems to be a funny and reflective woman.

Gross' biggest problem, tho, is how Terri Grossy she can be; exeuding some sort of faux produndity and insight when the issues she raises are so often boring and milquetost, and have been raised about 10 billion times before.

Here's her direct quote at the end, announcing her next interview:

 Tomorrow on FRESH AIR, as the U.S. prepares for Pope Francis' first visit, my guest will be journalist Paul Vallely, the author of a new book about Francis. We'll talk about the direction the Pope has been heading in on women's role in the church, birth control, divorce, annulment, homosexuality and climate change. And we'll discuss reforms Francis is making within the church hierarchy and the Vatican Bank. I hope you'll join us.

Could she have made a more banal and predictably politically correct assessment of the 'critical issues' facing the Catholic Church?

Yeah, dunno what else to say.  Wish that becoming huge didn't always translate into being dumbed down.  I geuss that I keep listenening to her tho, b/c being huge also means that big big names will consent to an interview.  Plus, she has excellent producers, so the content is listenable.

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