Christmas Cards and the Secularization of Christmas

I just visited my local book store to check out the Christmas cards.  In 8 racks of Christmas cards, each rack with 7 rows each, each row has about 7-8 choices of cards--so over 350 cards--this store offered only three religious cards.  This is less than 1%.

The religious cards consisted of a card that said 'oh holy night' on the front with no images and left blank inside, an angel, also blank inside and a third that said 'oh holy night' with abstract images of the manger scene.

I was pretty blown away.  Kind of impressed to me that, in secular settings like this bookstore, any religious mention of Christmas has been entirely gutted.  I was disappointed, too, since I'd hoped to buy some cards here and now probably won't.

Ummm.....in related news, can't help but have seen this video since it's popping up everywhere on FaceBook, of Joshua Feuerstein claiming that the plain red Starbucks Christmas cups are anti-Christian and politically correct.  Towards the end of the video he says that he brought a gun into his visit Starbucks as well as wore a Jesus shirt.

I resent Feuerstein's correlating the gun and the t-shirt with the cup.  He seems to be sending a fanatical message that anyone who wants to see a less secularized representation of Christmas is additionally some sort of gun wielding Jesus freak. 

What about the people who would just like a public acknowledgement that Christmas is in fact a Christian holiday and the opportunity, say, to buy cards that represent this at their local bookstore?  The more I think about it, it seems so watered down to not have any representation of the religious aspect of this holiday, since at the end of the day, let's admit that at the very least, Christianity is a rich cultural mine, one that merits representation.

Here's another meme that's been popular on FaceBook in response to Feuerstein.

yeah ok. um.  Translation; "You worthless Christians.  If even a tiny sliver of you actually practiced what your religion preaches all human suffering could be eradicated.  But you're not.  And instead you're whining about an insignificant cup."

Hmmmmmmmm.  And ok, my re-phrasing is an exaggeration, but the meme clearly accuses Christians of being impotent.  See what I mean about the kind of response he's inviting?  He's making Christianity appear ridiculous and absurd, something that ought to be forgotten.  If I were prone to seeing conspiracy in everything, I might think that he's working for some anti-Christian organization who really DOES want to see Christianity gutted from our culture.

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