Charlie Sheen HIV Revelation

I was so touched by this interview on the Today Show where Charlie Sheen reveals that he's had HIV for the past four years.

I suppose that it's hard to tell if he made this revelation in a desperate state, purely to put an end to blackmail payouts.  And it's unclear if he told the truth in the interview about revealing his condition to every woman he had sex with, especially given that two sexual partners, including his ex girlfriend Bree Olson on the Howard Stern Show, have claimed that he did never told them.

Regardless of his motivation, this undoubtedly had to be a painful and character building revelation to make.  Hopefully he will use his celebrity status to give other HIV positive people support and encouragement, and to help rid the disease of its stigma.

This casts a new light on his 'winning/adonis DNA' days.  Although he denies to Matt Lauer that this manacial spell had anything to do his diagnosis, they both occurred so close to each other that one can't help but wonder.

Despite their hilarity, his 'winning' videos had previously stuck me as somewhat sick to watch, in that we're finding joy in some man's mental breakdown.  And in light of his revelation they now strike me as a little more heartbreaking.

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