Brooklyn - the movie

This movie drew a different crowd than I expected.  I considered this a chick flick and anticipated lots of giggling girls and duty-bound boyfriends.  The viewers who I met had ties to New York or to Ireland, and I realized that the historical fiction element of the movie is perhaps its greatest allure.  Brooklyn is sort of a celebration, or commemeration of immigrants who make up New York, and this idea that, I dunno, people create entirely new lives for themselves when they moved to the United States.
Couldn't believe that Long island east of Queens consisted of many grassy fields as recenlty as 1950.

Casting made a good decision with Saoirse Ronan, she can be both plain and very glamorous.

Although I still did find her life sickeningly charmed.  I didn't see her doing lots of hard work meeting people or creating this new life for herself when she moved to Brooklyn.  Her roommates were her built in social connection, the priest found her a job, then enrolled and paid for her bookkeeping school, and Tony just essentially showed up, was smitten with her, and they married.

Whatever.  Basically her challenge was homesickness and the loss of her sister, but her new life just sort of magically presented itself.

I guess that this is how it happenes for some people, but it's not fun to watch as a story.  It's sickeningly charmeed. 

The movie stayed pretty true to the book, although it did simplify things; eliminating Eliis' brothers for example.  One significant difference was that after Tony and Eilis fornicated, in the movie they did not go to Confession as they did in the book.

Overall, I'd say that it's a very good movie.  Probably the best movie I'll see all year.    The costumes were great, with a good cast.  One minor character at the end had a very poor brogue, but otherwise the accents all seemed pretty good.  Well, not so sure about Tony actually.  He seemed a bit more lively in the book.

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