"Thoughts and Prayers" Anthony Jeselnik

Alright, so this guy is a writer.  His performance "Thoughts and Prayers" (now streaming on Netflix) has been so scrubbed I feel like during parts I'm listening to a haiku.  He has a slow, almost errie way of sauntering across the stage and speaks slowly and methodically and wears entirely black.  This attire reminds me a little bit of a ventriloquist; as though Jeselnik is trying to disappear and allow the words to be the focus of his performance.  He shows little facial expression, too, throughout.

His black attire additionally mirrors the darkness of his jokes.

He's fascinating, and here's one of the jokes that I really liked (paraphrasing);  "I met a beautiful woman and she told me that she was a brain surgeon.  And I was so impressed because it's not often that a woman can get away with being sarcastic."

A lot of his jokes have clever turns like this, and by the end, actually, they became a little rote.

His interactions with the audience would at times jarringly segway back into his routine, revealing his dependance on a pre-written script.

Can't even say that he's really really funny, but he's definitely worth listening to, at least once anyway.  Towards the end his style started to grate on me but he was so unique I had to listen on.

This performance is so performed, that I kind of wonder what the imprompteau Jeselnik is like?  Don't think that we get an accurate picture of that guy on stage.

Guess I'm gonna have to dig into the WTF archives for an anwer to that one.

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