Sophia Amoruso Part II

Attended a reading for Sophia Amoruso's book, #GirlBoss the other day.  (And yes, I've already blogged about here here.)

Something about listening to this petite woman read to us about how she spent her early 20s supporting herself by stealing, combined with the fact that she's now a millionare, recently married, and universally (well almost anyway) adulated just did not sit right.

What can you really learn from this woman?  Be a fuck-up and a misfit, break the law chronically, have no formal education, and somehow the stars will align to make you a superstar?  Now that certainly won't work for everyone.

She reminds me of what Bush (W) so often says in commencement speeches; (paraphrasing) "to those honor students who worked hard, I congratulate you.  To those C students; well, you too can be the next president of the United States."

She's a good example of why I don't find Edgerton's screenplay for The Gift, heavily dependent on the idea of karma, true to reality.

Oh, and I wondered how she'd come across given that she's just stepped down as the CEO; she's spun that to her advantage, saying that she believes in 'playing to her strengths, which is serving the NastyGal customer'.  (She just wasn't so good at doing it as the CEO, which she does not mention).

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