Sarah Silverman on Fresh Air

A surprisingly good interview here.  Never have liked Silverman very much; her vulgarity crosses my line in the sand and I find her un-listenable.

But in this interview she discusses her struggles with depression, the recent death of her mother as well as the inspirations for her comedy.  I guess that she reminds me a little bit of Louis C.K. in that I like her better in her serious interviews than in her comedy.

She said that when she first started out in comedy, she accepted the prevailing attitude that a good female comedian could make men laugh.  These critics hailed Paula Poundstone as a model female comedian since she discussed topics that could just as easily be covered by a man.

"It took years for me to realize, you know, like, comedy is talking about my own experience, and I'm a woman.  And that's my experience.  And just because it isn't yours doesn't invalidate it."

I love this quote.  So true, so true that a woman's perspective and experience are as equally valid as a man's.  Which is one of the reasons I've become so enamored with the Bechtol test these days.  Tired of seeing women's experiences and perspectives pushed to the margins in movies.

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