James Franco Roast

In the same vein as my September 23rd post, I've just gotta list here the dias of the James Franco Roast & single out the Jews.

James Franco
Seth Rogan
Aziz Ansari
Jonah Hill
Nick Kroll
Bill Hader
Sarah Silverman
Natasha Leggero
Andy Samburg
Jeff Ross

Yes, I am aware that this roast took place about two years ago and so is sort of old news.  However, I can't help but be stunned and a little sickened at the gross over representation of Jews in this dias.

I just find it so hypocritical that these 'progressive' Jewish comedians who tout equality of representation across race and religious lines would so shamelessly compile a dias of 70% Jews (when Jews in fact represent less than 2% of the population).  They just seem to have so much self love.  Are they aware that all of their Jewish jokes sound tiresome and narcissistic to non Jewish listeners?

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