Fiorina & Electibility

I've been reflecting a little bit more on this woman, and think that her singular commendable quality is that she possesses a tremendous amount of gumption.

Just her conceit that she could become the president, and then having the confidence to go for it says volumes about her audacious personality--since she has zero political experience, a failed run for Senate in California, a dubious business career, and a sparse voting record.

She's remarkably been polling 10%-ish over the past month which speaks volumes, as I said above, to her gumption.

However, given that this is her only credential, she'll soon be estimated in the public's eye as a emperor-with-no-clothes sort of candidate, and she's got a rats chance in hell of securing the GOP Nomination nor the Presidency.

And she'd be a foolish mistake---not a wildcard---to put onto a ticket as the Vice-Presidental nominee, given her dubious at best resume.

Even Sarah Palin, proven to be a totally failed wildcard, had actually been elected to office.

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