Dmocratic debate re-cap

Just a quick re-cap of the debate; I found it boring and rather depressing, honestly.  How those three men (I'll call refer to them as 'whatever the hell his name') are such OBVIOUS losers, so it was basically just a debate between Hilary and Bernie.  And even though Bernie performed well (arguably won) Hilary still fees like a shoo in, or anyway, if I had to place my money on a candidate, it'd be on her.  Although, just for the sake of making these interesting, and not having another Clinton in the White House, I really really hope that Bernie wins.  Hilary's comment about being a woman is the most significant attribute she'd bring over Obama......OMG.  That made her sound so vacuous.

Found the Republican debates WAY more electric in that each candidates performance really made a difference in whether or no he or she advanced in the polls.

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