Oscar Bait

It's Oscar Bait season!  Here's some movies coming out that will likely be nominated for various awards.

Brooklyn - November 4th.  This looks pretty good, an interesting love triangle movie to 'escape' into about in Irish immigrant to the US in the 1930s.  Finally a movie that doesn't have tons of Jews directing, acting (k, except Emory Cohen, cast to play the Italian character), and name dropping throughout the movie (Mistress America and Frances Ha, in this respect, really grated on me); it looks like it rather focuses on Irish and Italian cultures.

In the Heart of the Sea - December 11th.  Directed by Ron Howard, this is a movie based on real-life evens in the early 1800s regarding a sperm whale preying on a ship at sea.  Looks good, also the story that inspired Moby Dick.

Spotlight - Release date November 6th  Yeah, I might have to see this movie about the church scandals in Boston (pretty sure the Boston Globe is the paper that broke some of these initial sex-scandal cases)  I'm always pretty wary about how Hollywood spins the Catholic Church.  However, as a friend of mine pointed out (regarding the movie American Sniper), Hollywood does at times have some truth to the way that it spins a story.  Also has an impressive cast, I anticipate that this should be a good movie, and will probably win an Oscar, not only be nominated for one, since Hollywood loves an opportunity to shit on the Catholic Church.

Joy - Release date December 25th.  As much as it pains me to see Jennifer and Bradley in a movie together again, this screenplay looks rather interesting; a coming of age movie about the disillusionment of an upper middle class woman.

Son of Saul - December 18th  ANOTHER Holocaust movie.  That'll be at least two this year (Phoenix).  Just in case it hasn't been cemented into our brains that  The. Holocaust. Is. The. Most. Heinous. Event. In. History., this movie should help to do the trick.

Grandma - so this movie came out in January, however it will likely get an Oscar nod.  Like Jenny Slate's movie, this another brainwashing effort to communicate that the heinous murder of an unborn child is a perfectly acceptable option for pregnant women.  I do like Lily Tomlin.

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