Holocaust Propoganda Movies?

Recently watched the 2014 movie 'Ida' and found it to be very very good.....a very interesting story about a young nun about to take her final vows, who then discovers that she's in fact a Jew and orphaned due to the Holocost.

Reflecting on it afterwards, however, I wondered how it is that SO many Hollywood movies use the Holocaust as a central theme.  Just off the top of my head, I can name over a half dozen......"Marathon Man", "Sophie's Choice", "Life is Beautiful", "The Pianist", "Julia", "The Reader", and of course "Schindler's List".  And that's just skimming the surface.


Vanity Fair Tinder Dating Article

I was repulsed by the article "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apolocypse'" in Vanity Fair's September Issue.  The author, Nancy Jo Sales, discusses how the internet has changed dating, particularly amongst the 'hook-up' culture, by which I think she means 20 somethings just looking for sex.  Sales chiefly covers double standards in the dating realm (can men be promiscuous and get away with it, while women with the same behavior are whores?), whether romance and chivalry can exists if men's sexual opportunities abound, and whether these hook-ups turn into long term relationships.


Ken O'Keffe: Analysis of 9-11

I've seen this video a few times now.  It's one of the better 9-11 ones out there.  O'Keffe doesn't mince words, and this is the first 9-11 video I've seen that links Israel so much to the 9-11 attacks.  I LOVE his bit towards the beginning where he recaps the official explanation for 9-11, then calls it a B movie.  This is the one time in the video where he makes an understatement, since the official explanation for 9-11 is so comically absurd that it is in fact a D- movie.  In fact, in its outrageous unbelievably I'd liken the official explanation to this excellent scene from 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus'