Love and Mercy and Good Vibrations

Recently saw the biopic 'Love and Mercy' about Beach Boys singer and writer Brian Wilson.
Directed by Israeli director Bill Pohlad, Melinda and Brian Wilson have been working to create this movie since 1999!

Loved the way that this movie showed how the song Good Vibrations came together.  Wilson wrote this song using a huge variety of instruments, including flute, jaw harp, string base, and cellos at the end.  He also wrote the instrumental sections in different keys, saying that even though it maybe didn't look right on paper, it looked right in his head.

And it definitely sounded right!  His inspiration for the song was something that his mother told him about dogs picking up good and bad vibrations from people.  The Beach Boys produced the song in 1966, just after releasing what was then regarded as a huge flop--the album "Pet Sounds" (now regarded as one of the greatest albums of all times.)  Good Vibrations became their biggest hit to date.  

So sad to watch, too about Wilson's degenerating mental health during this time.  This preceeded a period during which he would spend 3 years in bed, weighing over 300 pounds.  It took a lot for him to bounce back from this all-time low, with many ups and downs, but I don't want to spoil it with too many details.

The acting was great in this movie, with Paul Dano playing the younger Brian Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks his 2nd wife, Melinda.  It's probably the best performance I've seen from John Cusack, who played the older Brian Wilson.  Maybe he'll finally be nominated for an Oscar.

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