Listened to Chris Hedges

the other night.

Um, yeah, so maybe he's *kind of* worth listening to, mostly because he's willing to simply acknowledge that the political situation in this country is much, much worse and threatening than most of us believe.

However, he's way too dark and erudite.  He likes to say things like "it may be too late.  The human race may be doomed" in all seriousness.  Statements like this make him seem comically out of touch.

He also likes to say 'Arendt' and 'Kant' and 'Kierkegard' dozens of times over in his talks, interspersed between statements like 'gradual coup d'etat, they have won', 'totalitarianism', 'effects of climate change', 'declasse intellectuals'.   Yet he can't acknowledge that steel framed buildings do not collapse in 12 seconds unless via a controlled demolition.

And that's where he loses me.  

Anyway, I could have done without this guy.  Left with a huge dark depressive cloud over my head, and my head full his egotistical ramblings.

In search of someone who really can make an accurate assessment of these current times.

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