"Hits" the Movie

Just watched David Cross' movie 'Hits' from 2014.  Missed this one when it came out (did it come out in theaters?).  It was trending on Netflix, so it caught my eye a few days ago.

Most fundamentally, it's good that Cross made a movie.  And by made, I mean that he wrote, directed and producted it.  Because he's an original voice.

And the movie has a lot of his quirk and charm.  The city council lady with her blue eyeshadow, for example.  An interesting cast, with Amy Sedaris and Wyatt Cenac in minor roles, and a lot of other people.

Perhaps the characters were a bit caricatured, making it charming but at the same time kind of grating.  The main character was a rabidly opinionated, radically conservative type who listens to Alex Jones and thinks our country has been taken away from us and spends about 30% of his waking hours at city council meetings or preparing for these meetings.  Another character's an etsy seller who wears her brown hair in a bun and a braid and who pines for a baby with a husband who's runs a think tank and has ultra-savvy social media skills and ultra-particular marijuana preferences.

The movie has one very explicit sex scene that could have been implied rather than spelled out.

So the movie deals with aspirations for fame, social media, narcissism.  It reminds me a little of Sophia Coppola's version of The Bling Ring.  Which communicates this idea that these teens weren't stealing from the homes of celebrities in order to get expensive stuff; they were stealing in order to have access to famous people, and to try and achieve fame for themselves.

So yeah, I'd say that if Cross is trying to say something with this movie it's about the power of social media and the self-centeredness and narcisism that's so fundamental to social media.

But I'd recommend watching the movie just because it's a breath of fresh air, since, like I said, Cross is an origioanl voice.  Not another Apatow movie.

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