Obama on a podcast

Just feel like I have to put in my two cents regarding Obama's recent interview on WTF, just b/c everyone else seems to be gushing about it.

The interview itself I couldn't listen to.  Listened about 5 minutes in, then had to turn it off to prevent myself from puking.  For a few moments I bemoaned the fact that we've elected such a milquetoast president, then I got on with my life.


What's in a Director?

Just discovered that Sophia Coppola's dropped out of directing The Little Mermaid, and I'm SOOOOO disappointed.

Made my enthusiasm for the movie jump from 110% to about 15%, and really doubt I'll go see the movie now.


Listened to Chris Hedges

the other night.

Um, yeah, so maybe he's *kind of* worth listening to, mostly because he's willing to simply acknowledge that the political situation in this country is much, much worse and threatening than most of us believe.

However, he's way too dark and erudite.  He likes to say things like "it may be too late.  The human race may be doomed" in all seriousness.  Statements like this make him seem comically out of touch.



Just saw this movie (on Netflix, of course) and can hardly get it out of my mind!!!

SOOOOO good.

Let me tell you the reasons why


"Hits" the Movie

Just watched David Cross' movie 'Hits' from 2014.  Missed this one when it came out (did it come out in theaters?).  It was trending on Netflix, so it caught my eye a few days ago.

Most fundamentally, it's good that Cross made a movie.  And by made, I mean that he wrote, directed and producted it.  Because he's an original voice.


David Oyelowo & Russell Brand

Listened to some interesting interviews & shows this week.

Terri Gross interviewed David Oyelowo a few days ago, who recently starred in the movie Selma, playing the role of Martin Luther King Jr.  What struck me most about this interview was to learn that Oyelowo is a devout Christian, and that he in facts prays to God about whether or not to accept a role that's offered to him.