This tweet

represents what I find so disconcerting about so many of these vacuous voices that we get to listen to in mainstream media; it's intended to solicit an emotional response, and the facts are totally wrong.

Since, as any informed person knows, practicing Catholics represent a tiny minority of Ireland's current population.  (Although as recently as 1970 about 90% of Ireland's population identified as 'practicing Catholics', meaning, generally, they attended Mass weekly.  This decline has been drastic).

Basically, it's an attempt to make us MAD, opinionated, and at the same time be uninformed.  Which is why it bothers me that so many people have favorited and retweeted this tweet.  It's indicative of how many angry idiots really are out there.

(Who the hell is Ann Coulter?  No, seriously.  Who is she?  Why the clout?  She seems to be some air headed blonde bimbo who gets to appear on Sunday morning News dais'.  I could provide some more examples of unbelievable dreck she's written.  Maybe another day.).

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