Marc Maron interviewed Terri Gross

a few weeks back and he's posted it here in episode 604.  This was such a great interview.  I loved hearing more about Terri Gross, after hearing her interview SOO many people.  It's amazing to me that she said at first she didn't like hearing the sound of her voice.  I've heard that over and over again from podcasters.  I know that I don't like to hear the sound of my voice....but sort of thought that professional interviewers wouldn't have the same issue.

It's ironic to me that she divulges into such personal areas with the people who she's interviewing, yet she herself is so private.  When he asks her how she got to the theater that night, she says 'there was a car' and wouldn't clarify if it was hers, someone else's, rented, etc.  So bizarre that she was so private.

He managed to get her to tell about dropping out of college and hitch hiking across the country with her boyfriend, who later became her first husband.  Additionally, she talks about how she developed a career in media, after a brief failed attempt of working as an inner-city teacher.

She says that her purpose in interviewing is to "try to help people share things about themselves that might be of value to other people"

Terri has a shorter version of this on her own show, but Marc's is way better cuz it's unedited.  

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