Janeane Garofalo on WTF

This is an old, old interview from WTF, and it doesn't seem to get at the heart of things like so many of Marc's later interviews do.  It's almost like a brief, somewhat shallow conversation.  Garofalo tells us about her diet, which is kind of unbelievable.  She tries to eat nothing with calories in it (only cigarettes, gum, drip coffee) until night fall, at which point she eats whatever she wants, and as much of it as she wants.  This is how she maintains her weight, while at the same time is able to eat things like Ben and Jerry's.  She also explains why she doesn't want to have kids--it's like being in a constant state of anxiety for 18 years, and additionally no matter how hard a parent tries, their kid can still turn out 'messed up.'  Dunno.  As much as I want to like her,  I found this interview to be a little dark.

Also most definitely not Marc at his best.  This is a Marc warm up.

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