Carols Mencia on WTF

Yeah, so this interview, and the following one, brings up the issue of plagiarism, and it's a real fuzzy line.  Mencia emphatically denies the numerous allegations that he's stolen other comic's jokes--except for the jokes that are so generic it's like re-telling 'the chicken who crossed the road'.  Marc then interviews 2 other comics who tell the other side of the story, saying that yes, he most certainly did steal jokes, and not the generic kind.

I don't really know who to believe on this one.  One thing that Mencia does fess up to, however, is that he just basically can be mean, and nasty and competitive with other comics; that he somehow thinks it's justified b/c of things that they have done to him.  For example, once when Marc was scheduled to go onstage, Mencia ran such a long set that Marc just left for the night; and Mencia admits to doing this a lot; bumping comics.  It sounds like the comedy world in general can get a bit nasty.

Maybe anyplace is.

However, this interview brings up the issue of when imitating/stealing is bad, and when it's ok?  For example, I'm blown away at the similarity of the speaking style of Alex Blumberg, host of StartUp podcast and Ira Glass, of This American Life.  Clearly Blumberg has become some sort of a Glass clone, with the exact same jagged way of speaking; fast then slow, then pause, then fast etc.  And it's perfectly alright, apparently, since Blumberg is a protege of TAM.

It's kind of like when someone gets called out on it, it's bad.  I don't know.  

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