Andrew Dice Clay on WTF

Dice talks about his comedic persona in this interview, and I can't help but wonder if he's almost always in this persona?  It's kind of an unattractive persona, imho; extremely machismo, too cool for everyone, constantly talking about exaggerated sexual conquests.  Dunno.  Don't really like him.  Not too surprised that he's gotten divorced three times.  Maybe that's catty of me to say.

Wouldn't help to fill an auditorium of this guys show.

And Dice does talk about the ups and downs of his career, too......sounds as though he at one point could fill an auditorium, and now days he's having to gamble to come up with money (and he's rather successful at that....or at least initially can make a lot of money playing poker and then loses it all.  Sounds like his comedic persona is an exaggerated version of himself.)  

And Marc may have gone a little easy on Dice.  Given that he's controversial, and due to his material has even been banned from MTV.  Marc kind of picks and chooses who he'll lay into and who he won't.  Maybe he's intimidated by a thug from Brooklyn.  

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