The Interview

Just watched The Interview--UGH!  This was a movie that you could easily miss out on.  Especially if you, like me, think that Seth Rogan is annoying as hell.  The difficult part about this movie is that the James Franco character is painfully artificial as well.  James Franco feels like the guy at a party who's trying really really hard to be funny and who just isn't.

There is one really hilarious scene where Franco and Kim Jong Un ride around in a tank and listen to Katie Perry.  But it's not worth it to watch the entire movie just for that scene.  Oh, it also had a bizarre cameo with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Hm, what was that all about?

Kind of wanted to see this after all of the controversy surrounding it, however, unless you're really desperate to fill two hours, I'd recommend that you skip this one.  

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