Jon Favreau on WTF

I like Jon Favreau.  He seems like an honest guy.  Hadn't realized that he starting out doing improv comedy, or that his character in the movie Swingers was an exaggerated version of himself, reacting to/getting over a break-up in his later 20s.

His career arc didn't seem to involve that long, relentless ambition/struggle to make it in show business; he in fact spend a year on Wall Street and then seriously considered becoming a fireman, even passing the necessary exam.  When he discovered 2nd City, however, he fell in love, and decided to commit himself to improv comedy.  He and Marc talk about getting into that 'improv zone' where you're acting at an almost psychic/intuitive level.

This interview makes me even more interested in seeing Chef.  It didn't get spectacular reviews, but then I really like the guy, he seems to have a lot of heart, and I'd like to see more of what he's done.

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