John Oliver / Dr. Maron on WTF

This is one of the most original interviews!  By 'original' I mean oldest, but it was also quite raw and unscripted as well.  Marc asks very facetious and heavy-handed questions to John Oliver; such as "We're at the end of our empire; how did you handle it when your empire ended?"  He didn't get into all of the juicy 'tell me about your most troubling experiences' that's so wont of a WTF episode today.

Much, much lighter this episode was.

The best part of this interview, by far, was Dr. Marion.  OMG, hilarious.  A funnier riff could not have been written.  Dr. Maron starts off my telling Marc about a knuckle that he's just performed perfect surgery on.....and then relayed his ambition to place video kiosks in all the fast-food restaurants across the nation; showing either comedy or health-related shows.  He's planning to reach out to the CEOs of fast-food establishments, and wants Marc to climb on board.

OMG, so funny.  This episode made me realize that the dad character on the show Maron was not at all exaggerated.

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