Jim Gaffigan on WTF

Just listened to Marc's interview with Jim Gaffigan, from all the way back in 2009!  This was the 9th episode of WTF, ever!  The show had a much more raw tone back then, was it perhaps less produced? Gaffigan's wife kept interjecting in the interview, and at some point was formally introduced and welcomed into the show.  Hadn't realized that she played such a significant role in creating material for Gaffigan; apparently the two work pretty hand in hand.

Marc ends the show with a Mad Men discussion with two guys ('Kris' and 'Brendan'), and brings some other guy on and er, well, just kind of has an argument with him.  Marc seems like a real irascible guy.  Moreso than he is now.  In his more current episodes, he just, well, has a tendency to be morose and depressed.  In this earlier episode he really has an edge.

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