Eddie Brill / Toby Maron on WTF

(Toby Maron is Marc's Mom)  Really liked both halves of this interview.  WTF was kind of a different beast back at this point, just Episode 28.  For example, currently he almost never interviews two different people on the same show.  Sometimes now the show will start with someone doing a plug, then cut to the interview, but not two separate interviews.

A very tongue in cheek discussion with his mother, in which she imparts her priceless dieting tips; exercise three hours everyday, eat (almost entirely) diet/fat free foods, and put a picture of your fat self on the refrigerator to remind you of where you've come from.  No wonder Marc obsesses over his weight, having been raised by this woman!

Eddie Brill, former Letterman booker, was awesome.  These first WTF interviews were better, in a way, from what Marc's doing now b/c he was a little rougher, willing to put it all out there.  In this interview Maron shares some of his new material with Brill, and Brill works with him on it.  So interesting to hear about how to clean up stand-up comedy.

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