A month of Marc Maron

Decided to shell out $2 and listen to some of the WTF interviews that I've missed out on.  Today, I listened to Dylan Moran.  Really really really enjoyed Black Books and have always wanted to know more about him.

Hadn't realized how anti-religion and anti-Cathilic he is; in this interview he calls the Catholic Church "the most heinous, corrupting....vile organization that's ever been on the planet."  He cites the statistic that when he was born (1970ish) that 90% of Irish citizens went to Mass.....and that today that statistic has dropped to 10%!  Unbelievable.  Perhaps the sex scandals, which I think have been especially bad in Ireland, have helped to foster this disillusionment with the Catholic Church......outside of that I really can't explain for this change.  I find it remarkable.

He also made the point that stand-up comedy is an American-generated art-form.  Hadn't realized this!

Stay tuned for more WTF reviews!

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