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WTF Louis CK Interview

Slate just named this the best podcast of all time.  And though I wouldn't really have much regard for Slate's opinion on this matter, I listened to it nonetheless since Marc re-released it and I got to hear it for FREE!!!  And gonna have to corroborate with Slate that this WTF episode is one hell of an interview.  The last few minutes are perhaps the best, with Louis CK and Maron discussing their friendship,
and CK making the point that a really good friend is there for the other person in the downs AND the ups.  (doesn't bail during the ups out of jealousy).

This is the 2nd interview with CK that I really enjoyed; this interview with him on Fresh Air is also excellent.  

um, yeah, Maron's interview also perhaps lends an explanation for why Jon Stewart has declined being on WTF; Maron make the remark 'we're not gonna name names, but some guys in the buisness have stopped writing jokes for themselves and just hire guys to do it for them.'

Adventures in Podcasting

Went on a podcast adventure this week.  Just downloaded hours and hours and listened to well, almost all of them in their entirety.  Listened to Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.  Um, it was alright.  This podcast only about four months old and kind of reactionary to the WTF-ilk podcasts out there.  What struck me the most about this interview with Emma Blackery is that both the host and interviewee developed their careers out of YouTube channels.  Gone, way gone, are the days when a person needs to move to L.A. or NYC to develop a career in arts/performance.  And speak of the devil, her most recent interview is with the Gregory Brothers.  A must-listen-to.

Also this podcast Start Up......a major Ira Glass clone hosting this thing.  (I've even been hearing women trying to imitate his intonations).  Um, yeah, sounds like a lot more sickening NPR-esque banality.  But I may just keep it on my list, just to have some more to listen to.

Also binge-watched Manhattan Love Story,

which briefly appeared on ABC this year.  Not a bad show, if you go into it with low expectations.  It kind of grows on you.  Really liked the sibling-work-relationship, and LOVE the dad/boss character Kurt Fuller.  Most especially in Wayne's World.

The main character Analeigh Tipton has a Renee Zellwigger sweetness to her.  Is perhaps kind of a painfully bad actress in some respects, too--tons of extremely studied and exaggerated facial expressions--but hmmmm......actually kind of like this show.  Surprised that it got cancelled so quickly, considering some of the dreck thats survived (McCarthys).

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