Wild: the movie

Saw the movie Wild on Christmas Day.  It was very good actually.  A couple of extremely explicitly sex scenes that could maybe have been alluded to rather than played out, however on the whole it told an inspiring story about a broken woman finding wholeness while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on her own.
It was cool to see a movie where the lead is played by a woman, and Reece Witherspoon is a captivating leading lady.

The director, Jean-Marc Vallee also directed Dallas Buyers Club.  He did a good job.  A few scenes seemed to boarder on the silly/absurd; for example at the beginning when she over-stuffs her pack, to the point that it looks like it weighted 70 lbs.  The jumped back and forth from her traumatic past to her experiences on the PCT.  It felt a little jumpy at times, but I liked it.
The movie also included some rather overt REI advertising; where they mailed her a free pair of hiking boots after she let them know her current pair was too small.

All in all, a good movie.  One very compelling idea was the conversation that she had with the man who wanted to interview her for the hobo magazine (that scene seemed a little jagged btw).  He said that most hobos became the way that they were after traumatic, life-crushing experiences.  An interesting idea.  Since I think that everyone goes through these experiences, some obviously more extremely than others; and our ability to cope or recover from them depends on a) the way in which we choose to navigate these experiences, and b) the support systems that we have to help us through them.

Hopefully sometime in 2015 I'll read Cheryl Strayed's memoir, "Wild: from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail".

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