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Marc Maron

interviewed Norman Lear this week.  Can't believe how substantive this guy is.  And at 92.  Hm, even though like I said in the last post I find his show heavey handed, gotta tip my hat to the guy.

He says that he has no hard feelings towards his parents; his father went to prison for check-kiting when he was nine, and his mother the kind of person who'd move heaven and earth to avoid having to touch a baby.

Graham, Chris and guest Kevin Avery 

had a good discussion on Episode 243 of the Comedy Film Nerds
about the news (minutes 100-115), and 'fake news programs' vs. actual new programs.  They discuss John Oliver's show Last Week Tonight, and Graham specifically mentions this drone episode, which I watched and which, I concur, is quite good.

Sometimes I think that comedians can hit on the really controversial news stuff that other pundits can't, since they write it off as just being a joke.   

And have you seen

Jim Gaffigan's comedy special "King Baby"?  Well worth your time.  He has been most accurately described as the "king of clean".  In an interview with Jackie Kashian he said that he doesn't like to make jokes only part of his audience would understand and so he uses vastly general topics like bowling and bacon as comedic material.

watched Jeremy Scahill's documentary Dirty Wars a few days ago.

It came out last summer. 

What I found most disconcerting about this documentary was Scahill's account of Anwar al-Awlaki's death; and the point he made that Obama decided to assasinate a US citizen before he had a trial.  I found this deeply unsettling.  Oh, and we also killed his 16-year-old son.  It's almost like Obama is trying to weaken our line of thinking by saying 'oh, this guy was a very, very bad terrorist so it's ok to kill him w/out his having access to the judicial system'.  However, what could easily come down the pike is a gentle shift in the government's definition of a terrorist, and then any of our lives are liable to be on the line.

Since consider for example the ambiguity of the word 'freedom'.  A Catholic could easily be identified as an 'enemy of freedom/terrorist' due to his/her opposition to abortion and 'a women's right to choose'.  

Afterwards I listened to this interview with Scahill and Sean Stone and Tyrel Ventura on Buzzsaw--um, he seemed a little bit of a jerk.  Is there an arrogance to these investigative reporters?  For example, at one point Scahill says to them straight out that he has disdain for conspiracy theories.  Which I heard as an attack on the two of them as they had both previously worked on Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theory.  Dunno, just seems kind of rude to go on a show and to dis the people who are interviewing you.  

And consider the fact that Scahill sensationalizes war as some titillating pass time.  As in his documentary he talks about how boring it is to be living in Brooklyn and spending the day doing ordinary things like going to the grocery store.  He wants to be in the war zones of the Middle East  interviewing the parents of children violently killed by drones.  

hmmmm........does Scahill really crave a resolution to this violence?  Or is he pining for it?   

Thought that Dirty Wars tied in nicely with the This American Life episode from 2006 Habeas Schmabeas.

This show interviewed some of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay; and all of them really had no idea why they'd been arrested from their homes in Pakistan and sent to Guantanamo Bay.  They had no affiliation with the 9-11 hijackings, no association with Bin Laden.  They sounded like total innocents.

hm, made me think that the US government just had to detain some people to make it look like they were looking into things.

Habeas Schmabeas also made the point that habeas corpus has been suspended for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  And so people can be sent to prison down there for no any stated reason.

The suspension of these fundamental rights I find so disconcerting.  Especially considering all of this stems from 9-11; which as we can so clearly see from things like the collapsing of tower 7 was false flags.

well I could drone on about this for sometime longer but I won't.  

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