Russell Brand

Russell Brand has become some sort of political force-to-be-reckoned with.  Just read this great article about him in Vanity Fair.

What an awesome photo of Brand accompanying this article!  He's a real hotty, there's no mistaking that.  This article references several online videos; including this video with Jeremy Paxman.  Brand is a pretty articulate guy.  This is the interview where Brand says he doesn't vote because voting "supports this pre-existing paradigm that's quite narrow and only serves a few people."  He also says "there's going to be a revolution.  It's going to happen."

In this interview from 2013 on Morning Joe Brand is pretty out there, and he really interrupts people a lot.  The host Mika Brzezinski becomes quite shaky by the end, and clearly doesn't know how to 'handle' Brand's feisty presence; she starts talking about him in third person, then he tells her she's rude to do so, etc.  I'm surprised that they aired this interview, actually.  Isn't it the case these days that no television is actually live anymore?  He makes the point in this interview that he likes stand-up comedy over movies since it's direct communication with people.  Other forms of media can distort a person's meaning, but with stand-up comedy the communication is real.

And this interview with the British Huffigitan Post is excellent.  I really like Russell Brand.  He says that his spiritual beliefs informs all of his political beliefs.  Also he quite outspokenly believes in God, and he makes the interesting point that since we know, for example, that we can only hear within a small range (for example we can't hear dog whistles), that by extrapolation we can conclude that there's much more going on in reality that's outside of our sensory perception.  This is an excellent point, and it's probably true.  Gosh, he really says a lot; he also says that he thinks that the "royal family is like the olympics; public spectacles designed to keep us passively consumer citizens."

I recommend listening to this Huffington Post interview.  You'll see what I mean about his being a force to be reckoned with.  Not some fucking bumbling stand-up comedian idiot like Pauly Shore.  No, Russell Brand seems to be quite intelligent.

Also quick witted; he makes a comment to the interviewer that he needs to re-examine his marriage since his wife 'found it quite odd that Brand would have described him (the interviewer) as being sexy.'

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