#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

Checked this book out thinking that it'd be an autobiography of this ultra-successful online retailer, only to discover upon reading that it's more like a self-help book from Sophia Amoroso--since we, implicitly, need her help.

The unstated message between every line of this book is, "I've done more amazing things than you, and make tons more money than you, so sit down girlfriend, I've some lessons to impart!"

This is a line of logic that I don't buy into necessarily; I'm uber-successful and therefore I have things to teach you.  What I mean to say is that financial success doesn't necessarily equate to wisdom, and less financial success to foolishness or inadequacy.

Everything that she's done in her life, too, has been validated by the success of NastyGal.  Including hitch hiking onto a Greyhound bus at the age of 22--since that demonstrated tenacity.

Her advice boarders on the comical when she relates the freegan episode of her life, when she stole chronically and didn't think she needed to pay her credit cards to corporate monsters like Victoria Secret.  These non-payment caught up to her, to her dismay, and in her book she imparts this priceless, hard-earned pearl of wisdom to "pay up, and pay on time."

Judging from this article on TechCrunch that says Amoroso four months ago laid off 10% of her staff, and has received mediocre reviews from former & current employees, I wonder how much advice we really ought to take away from this woman.  She hasn't been to college.  Has studied nothing about management and leadership.  Sure, she has some propensity, talent, and an aesthetic with a following, but I could easily see someone of her ilk as coming off as a totally incapable cunt at the helm.

Do not envy people who work under such a woman.  And yeah, the book is, well, a pretty predictable set of life lessons that you'd hear from any motivational speaker.

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