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W. (Oliver Stone)

Just watched this movie yesterday.  Sometimes I end up reading the best things in the supplementary information about movies; for example in this interview Stone says it's errie that Laura Bush made no mistakes during her tenure as First Lady.  Never saw it like that.  I wonder if that's really suspicious, and if so, what does it say about her?  

As for the movie itself; kind of disappointed me.  For example, Stone presents the justification for the Iraq War in exactly the same way the Bush Administration presented it to the public at the time; "we're worried that they have WMD after we were attacked with box cutters by some men living in a cave in Afghanistan"

Yet consider Roy Suskind's book, 'The Price of Loyalty'--a former member of the Bush Administration admits that the war against Iraq had been on the books seven months before 9-11.  W. makes no mention of this!

Dunno.  I just expected a little more from Stone, and feel like the foreign policy discussion mirrored the theatrical facade that we see so much of in politics today, without offering much insight into what's actually going on.

Consider these lines he has the Bush Administration saying in their back-office discussions;

"We'd have had America protected on 9-11 if people had been doing their jobs right" (Colin Powell)
"taking down these Al-Quaida lunatics in the mountains of Afghanistan"
"a small enemy hiding out in caves and jungles"
"Islamic fascists are as nuts as Hitler"

There's just no way that they said these things!  

Maybe Stone felt hemmed in by the media & didn't want to create the outcry that JFK did.  9-11 is still in our pretty recent & tender past.

He also has a way of filming that gets right up in a person's face, but that seem a little wobbly.  Like maybe if you were watching it in an IMAX theater you'd start to feel a little nauseous.

Baldwin's back on the scene,

it appears.  Just downloaded a November 23 episode to his podcast, 'Here's the Thing'.  He'd stopped producing this podcast in February after he said 'goodbye to public life'.  Guess that he's allowed to have a public hissy fit, pout in the corner, and then get himself back into the swing of things.  And I don't really blame him for being pissed; consider his extremely public May arrest for riding his bike for one block in the wrong direction; I'd be pissed too at the gratuitious negative public attention.
But you gotta admit it's kind of funny.  His behaving like the child who throws a tantrum, sulks in silence for a few hours, then reemerges happy as ever and as if nothing has happend.

What a riot.  In his personal and professional life, Baldwin keeps us entertained.

Um, wonder if he'll be interviewing Mark Lane as he proposed in the above-linked Vulture article.  That'd be just so awesome.  I really like Baldwin.  Love his Dylan Avery interview, and I think that he's willing to go where a lot of programs (ahm, Fresh Air) just really aren't.

However his interview from this week with Ira Glass is about as boring and banal as can be expected given the subject matter.  I think that the most exciting tidbit that we learn about Ira is that he walks his dog once a day.

Oh, and Ira's ignorance of Shane/Allan Ladd and assuredness that the listeners are similarly unknowing kind of clinches my disdain for him.  Not only is he living in some opera-ivy league bubble, but he's convinced that everyone else is in there with him.

the Cosby rape thing

Yeah, so this is pretty old news, 13 women accused Cosby of rape in 2006, he settled, and (so it seems) case closed.  The fact that we're discussing this again is more of a testament to the public's poor memory and the randomness with which certain stories go viral.  What I mean to say is, we're only discussing these rapes because Hannibal Buress' joke about "googling Bill Cosby-rape" went viral--and he was saying that the articles about rape allegation are already out there--it's old news!  And now bam, these rapes are a fresh news issue that journalists are researching.

Give me a break.

I just think that discussing the rapes takes away from covering actual, relevant news--another example of the media feeding us titillating bullshit, and additionally it's unfortunate that his wife will have to go through all of this humiliation again.

Since I had Cosby on the brain I watched this video, and realized that he's a *master at stand-up*
And omg, in this video he says that his son isn't going to be around much longer....how sadly prophetic!

Also, I never knew this but he had total creative control of The Cosby Show........now that's some creative intellect!  It's the highest rating sitcom of all time, and unprecedented in its portrayal of an intelligent, affluent, African-American family.  

All in the Family

k, so I watched the first episode of the first season of this 70s show, and woah, the domestic situation is really just a thinly veiled premise for the writer to shed his beef on an overwhelming range of social issues; minorities, church, 'times that are changing', Jews.  It's almost too much, too heavey handed.  I don't sit down to a sitcom with the stomach for a political rally-sampler.

And I don't think that I could listen to several seasons of Norman Lear screaming his opinions down my ear.

I guess that this writer gets a lot of credit for being ahead of his time, so maybe I should tip my hat to him, but gonna go ahead and miss out on any more of this show.

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