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Watched the movie Laggies last night.  Really great casting.  The woman who played the teenager, Chloe Grace Moretz, was perfect for the role.  And Sam Rockwell, also in Frost Nixon, was in this movie.  He was great.  Maybe it was a tad bit long (it lagged a bit in the middle lol) but a fun story nonetheless.

Wow, the writer Andrea Seigel is only 35, this is her first screenplay (that's been made into a movie anyway) and she's written three novels.

The writing was good.
 It was funny and very, very modern.  A lot of jokes about jokes; "did you hear the one about the lawyers at the bottom of the sea, etc."  Hmmmm.........jokes about a couple planning to name their baby Juppiter (2-p's) & the couple simultaneously asks "will you be our godmother" to Keira Knightly's character.

Although I need to say that I watched Laggies pretty much immediately after I saw Management (2008 movie with Jennifer Anisten & Steve Zahn), which is a bad, bad, bad, movie.  omg, comically bad.  So I think that in part I relished Laggies as some sort of respite.  Because I think that it was only somewhat decent.  It was cute and fun but not great.  Reminded me a lot of "In a World" in this respect.  

Watching Steve Zahn makes me really want to go back to see Reality Bites again.

Serial - This American Life Podcast

So yeah, I became pretty absorbed in Serial again this week, as many of us have.  And I'm beginning to despise this obsession, and for the past few days have successfully sworn off of it altogether. (By 'it' I mean, in addition to the 7 podcasts, all of the Reddit posts, these meta-interviews with Rabia and some prefessor, Rabia's blog, and various other online articles.....see what I mean, a myopic abyss of time suck that sensationalises the horrors of others' lives.)

However, I just want to point out two realizations that I've come to as a result of listening to this podcast and reading/listening to all of the extras;

a) A trial does not so much determine whether a person is really innocent or guilty as determine which side won the case (who presented better & made the best arguments in order to sway a jury)

b) There are some idiots out there--I mean painfully stupid people.  People certain of another's guilt after being presented with the most basic and superficial facts.  Let's just say these, by way of example: "There's this high school student, Adnon.  He's Muslim.  His parents don't like him to date and so he hides from them that he has a girlfriend.  His parents find out about her anyway and they intervene.  His girlfriend dumps him.  A few weeks later his ex-girlfriend is dead."

A disconcertingly high number of people will look at these facts and say, 'oh, looks like the ex-boyfriend did it.  Or, if he didn't, then for sure his family killed her."

k, and my point is that we are all potentially at the mercy of these stupid people.  Since they end up on juries and decide cases.  An unsettling reality to say the least.

Rosewater on my Mind

So yeah, I have.  I'm kind of itching to watch the movie 'Rosewater' and at the same time am extremely stand-offish, with my arms akimbo, scoffing and considering boycotting it.

Let me explain.  I think that anyone who makes a movie about Iran and journalism will be saying something political, and you need to be careful before you go into a movie like that.  If you go in totally blind about the subject, or to the director's angle, you may find yourself seriously brainwashed.

Take the movie Parkland.  Didn't see it.  Why not?  Because I knew something beforehand about the subject (JFK assassination) and the angle (corroborating the single-assasian theory) and decided that it was propoganda-bullshit and a total waster of my time.

So, yeah, is Rosewater a bunch of propaganda?  Well, in search of an answer I decided to do a little research.

See, up until this point I knew precious little about Jon Stewart.  Maybe only that John Oliver is a bit of a Stewart progete, and that JS has refused to be interviewed on WTF.  Oh, and I was vaugely aware of that rally that he had in DC awhile back.  That's it.

Here's a few videos that I watched of his to bring me up to speed on this guy.

>> In this ebola video he squelches the over-hype and panic over ebola

>> This video regarding our recent attack on 'ISIS'/Syria is actually really good.  He speculates on the absurdity of several pundit's claim that we're also attacking the 'Khorasan Group' in Syria, which is (to quote the pundits) "a shadowy group of AlQueda Veterans from Afghanistan who're far more dangerous than ISIS" .

Stwart points out---"you told us ISIS was like the devil....what do you mean Khorasan Group is worse?"

Ew, and the final pundit/politican calls these attacks a "counter-terrorism strategy; not a war."

Wow, yeah, watch this video.  It's scary what we're doing in Syria, and the murkey (at best) explanation for what we're doing, why we're going it, and who we're attacking.  

>> And he pretty much converted me in this video, where he pokes a lot of fun at Hilary and her possible presidential run.  He likes to call politicians on their shit.  (Oh, I didn't listen to the Bill Hader section of this video....it's hard for me to stomach that guy for some reason.  So can't comment on it.)

Jon Stewart isn't bad.  He says a lot with his eyeballs; rolling them to indicate that maybe he's not-so-serious about a point he's making, etc.  Very political.  Left-leaning.  Very much thinks that it's important to vote.

In conclusion.....maybe Rosewater will be worth watching.

And maybe I'm exaggerating and over thinking things to begin with.


Cuz c'mon.  It's just a movie.

Vanity Fair

Oh, and I finished reading Vanity Fair this week.  And after skimming back through realized that they published nothing worth mentioning.  That's right.  Zilch.

In its previous (October) issue, however, VF published a very interesting article about the 2009 AirFrance plane crash in the Atlantic.  The essential point that the author makes is that a very small percentage of flights are essentially doomed to crash.  And he argues this point makes persuasively.  I'm inclined to agree with him.

Wanna know more?  Just click on the link and read the article ;)

~signing off!

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